Dragon has to leave u s

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no he is not being put to sleep

We were told a few days ago the owner of our mobile home park told everyone who has a big dog that by the 1st of the month that there is an extra $500 pet deposit due by the 1st or else you have to move or get rid of the dog. We had 11 days. I have had a TON of medical emergencies this year - and we have had 3 pet emergencies this year

I do not work - I can't. My husband does not make a whole lot - so coming up with an extra $500 in two weeks was IMPOSSIBLE. This weekend we are going to a large dog rescue to find him a new home. We are very very sad. We paid a pet deposit when we moved in Oct of 2011. We are on a month to month right now. We had plans to move in April so we had a huge back yard for him (he's a Boxer/Dane) - but now we have no choice

frown - I have no where to foster him until we CAN move

the landlord feels bad - there are 3 others here that are in the same dilemma - one family is having to move to a hotel with their dog
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Ok, I finally got into my real account. This is Dragon. If anyone in the Kissimmee area can take him I would really appreciate it! We are moving in April/May! - I really don't want to lose him. Nor does my son.
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Found out from a neighbour that what the owner of the trailer park is doing is illegal and we did NOT have to get rid of Dragon. He has gone to a Large Dog rescue. Of the 4 dog owners that had big dogs - 1 is moving (b/c they are pissed) 1 got rid of their dog ( us) 1 got a loan (w/ a new baby - so it's hard on them)

I am not sure on the 4th family as 3 of us live in a row. We had plans on moving after our tax return came in for Dragon so he'd have his own back yard - but NO the owner won't let us wait til then. I miss him. He was my mother's day gift.

James wants another dog - right now, we don't