Just wanted to share my recent Wall Street Journal column remembering my best bud: "Dog, Gone"

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.


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Barked: Sun Dec 4, '11 1:02pm PST 

Tha nks...I still miss him terribly.

Jessie (Rest- in Peace, my- baby

Barked: Sun Dec 4, '11 1:22pm PST 
Extremely nice article to remember your dog. He was very handsome! I just lost my beloved dog a few days ago and I've been sobbing uncontrollably. The part about your son scribbling on your dog's face with marker and then him hiding under the table in shame gave me one of the very few smiles I've been able to muster in days.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Keep remembering the good times with him, and know he's with you in spirit.
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Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 4:26am PST 
Beautiful dog. Your story is a wonderful tribute to him. I'm sorry for your loss.

Cleo (In- Memory)

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Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 11:41am PST 
What a wonderful joyous life he had...

and that is the hard bit in the grief... we have to remember to Celebrate The LIFE.. then death hath on dominion.

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Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 4:15am PST 
it's a beautiful ode to a great dog....
fly free sweet doggie....