I miss my dog so much since I moved to college

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Barked: Tue Nov 22, '11 11:24am PST 
He is alive and at home, but I swear Hunter was the hardest thing to say good bye too, I cry just looking at pictures of him. He was there when no one else was and we spent an entire summer together, basically just the two of us.

How can I stop from missing Hunter so much and all the time?!
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Barked: Wed Nov 23, '11 12:54am PST 
well lots of pictures...
that's all that me can barkshrug
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Barked: Wed Nov 23, '11 9:26am PST 
Years ago I went on a summer long trip and missed my dog so severly. I understand how you feel...

Are other things making you blue, on top of missing the pup? Maybe stress at school?

Anyway, hoping you get some canine affection through the holidays and it makes you feel better.


Barked: Wed Nov 23, '11 11:31pm PST 
Im glad you understand! I think part of it may be that I have been feeling down as it is, i guess i take it out as missing my dog... i just think it'd be easier if he was here
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Barked: Thu Nov 24, '11 12:14pm PST 
It probably would be. One time I actually bought a stuffed dog to hug when I was having to travel a lot on business and missed my dog.

It might be crazy, but it helped some.

Barked: Fri Nov 25, '11 4:25pm PST 
Hey Sweetie, you can talk to him on the telephone, on skype, when are you going home next time? You know what else you can do? If there's an animal shelter near you, go vollunteer in your free time. That certainly is very fulfilling and it'll give you something to do

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A great company (that gives to pet charities) can create an stuffed animal that looks exactly like your dog!!! they're called Cuddle Clones.

A friend of mine just received a Cuddle Clone of her dog Gizmo as a gift when she was missing him terribly after moving away for college. I would imagine having something to squeeze would help with missing your pet.

Her pet passed away shortly after she moved away so the Cuddle Clone has 10x more meaning to her now.

It's a cool-looking company and a great idea! Check them out!

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