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Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 9:47am PST 
Hi everyone,

We found our dog Alfie on a road near our house, who at the time was a few weeks old puppy. However, he has an aggressive streak in him when he becomes agitated/scared and as a result has bitten me twice and my dad 3 times. Yesterday, while Alfie was being walked by my dad, he walked pasted another dog and he became agitated, so my dad walked in between them to try and break them up. Alfie ended up biting my dad's knee badly by accident. My dad had to go to hospital to have the wound cleaned. He bit me on the thigh in a similar incident (but not as badly, but bad enough to leave a large scar).

Dad's Wound
[IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y134/marcsteene/278400_ 10150226686990592_510465591_7395578_3579698_o.jpg[/IMG]

As a result, my parents are planning on putting him down tomorrow evening. In the house he's a really sweet dog and causes no problems. It's only when he becomes scared when seeing other dogs that he lashes out and ends up biting someone standing nearby.

So, is putting Alfie to sleep the right thing to do? I think it's unfair because there's so many alternatives, like walking him with a muzzle in the event he lashes out.

Alfie as a Pup
[IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y134/marcsteene/219153_10 150148688495592_510465591_6735822_1277818_o.jpg[/IMG]

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Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 9:57am PST 
I would try a muzzle. what is there to lose?

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Buy Alfie a muzzel, a good solid collar,a shock collar AND commit to walking and working with Alfie DAILY. Only hard work can save him now. Get some books on socializing Alfie. Work with him in progressively more challenging situations using the shock collar VERY SPARINGLY to bring Alfie out of the red zone.

You must understand that your committment to Alfie will not only save him but will make him a much happier pal!


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NO to the shock collar! All that will do is further agitate or scare the dog. Think about it - if you're scared of spiders and I shock you every time you see one, do you think you'll be more calm around spiders as a result?
The muzzle is a good idea though, and it definitely should be tried before euthanization.
You'll find much more advice over on the Behavior & Training forum.

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DO NOT use a shock collar under any circumstance. That will only make the situation worse.

If you can convince your parents to spare his life and use a muzzle, then do so. Then hire a behaviorist and get to the bottom of this.
His biting is called "redirecting" and it's not uncommon. When a dog gets worked up and his chemical levels go up, all of that has to go into something and since he can't get to what's got him agitated (the other dog), he lets it out on what's nearest. If that's what it is, it isn't aggression, but of course it is very, very dangerous.

Hire a behaviorist and make sure who you work with uses positive reinforcement training. NO shock collars.

Your dog does not have to be put down for this. It's something that can be worked on and fixed, but you and your family have to be willing to put in the time.

Post this question in the behavior and training forum. Some incredibly smart people frequent that forum.
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shock collars are bad news.
don't do that!
it will make him more afraid and will make things worse.
a muzzle is the solution.
if he is a good dog in the house and a rascal outside,put a muzzle on him.
that way he can be scared,but can't harm anyone.
putting him down is something i would never do.
if a dog kills a animal or person,than yes,put him down.
but in this case a muzzle and special training is the best option!