Powder River Sporting Dogs wirehaired pointing griffons

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Barked: Mon Aug 27, '12 4:59pm PST 
Not sure this will get to anybody who has purchased a pup from Powder River Sporting Dogs- but it's worth a try- for all of you who have received a pup from Brian Johnston his pride and joy sire "the mighty Utes has passed away from cancer" Utes is the father to dozens of puppies who have brought so much joy and laughter to so many- I believe this has knocked the wind out of Brian and could use pictures and words of support about that joy- He is unable to purchase another male at this time- so no more pupsfrown I live and breathe my WPG "Rose" everyday- she has seen me thru breast cancer, potential moose and bear maulings, saved my life after being ejected in a car accident after I slipped off an icy road while in Alaska- if anybody knows anybody who has a WPG could you please pass on the news- Sandra