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Barked: Sat Nov 19, '11 8:48pm PST 
I agree, I think that mods should post or PM you saying why your post was edited/bathed/deleted. Another forum I am on is like that. If your post is flagged a mod with come by and PM you stating why your post got deleted/changed. I don't think it is that hard to do so...shrug
Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Mon Nov 21, '11 5:38am PST 
I was told that a post can also get flagged when 3+ members report it.
Dogster HQ

Barked: Wed Nov 30, '11 4:27pm PST 
Hey Dogsters,

Looking for an explanation for why your posts are flagged? Simply follow the instructions provided in the email sent to you from Dogster HQ!

The following email, which includes an email address in which to address your inquiry, is sent to all members who have a Forum post flagged for moderation:

From: Dogster
Date: Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 352 PM
Subject: Your Dogster post is being reviewed

This email is to notify you that one of your forum posts has been flagged for its content by a moderator or at least 3 members. It has subsequently been temporarily removed for moderator review. This usually takes under 24 hours but in busy times can take up to 3 days. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Your post in the "Dog Health" forum, "Ticks" thread:


"Thi s is Moxie testing for HQ! Ignore this msg. Thx!"


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For specific questions please contact a moderator directly or email HQ at forums@dogster.com.

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way to gopuppy

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Dogster HQ

Barked: Wed Nov 30, '11 10:34pm PST 

We have closed this thread. Threads can be closed temporarily or permanently for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are: the thread has gone off topic; the thread is not in the 'spirit' of Dogster; the thread is no longer fun, friendly or informational; the thread has been discussed at length in other threads; or we cannot provide adequate moderation at this time.

Please let HQ know if you have any questions.