Why does the Raw forum keep getting bumped lower and lower

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Did someone say- Dinner!?!?!?!?!
Barked: Fri Oct 22, '10 5:41am PST 
Why is that everytime Dogster adds a new forum the Raw forum and the Home Cooked forums get bumped? Why can't they just add them to the bottom?
Becky RNCL

My Hat is Two- Sharks
Barked: Fri Oct 22, '10 12:41pm PST 
It's ALL the other forums...not specifically the raw forum. I would guess they add the new forums at the top so people notice them?

woof softly and- carry a big- stick
Barked: Fri Oct 22, '10 2:47pm PST 
Actually from what I've noticed, all the new forums are right after the food & nutrition forum. The health forum and the food & nutrition forum have always been the first two. It would make a lot of sense for the raw and homecooked forums to stay right under the food & nutrition forum, since they all have something to do with food. thinking

I don't suppose it's really a big deal with dogster how the forums line up, but to some people (me included), having the forums in a sensible order goes a long way and is really helpful if the order stays basically the same so you don't have to wonder if a forum disappeared or not.

I agree that new forums should be added at the bottom, or kept within the grouping of forums that it goes with.wave


Center of- attention 24/7!
Barked: Sun Oct 24, '10 10:10am PST 
I believe they put the new forums at the top so they are more easily noticeable. I don't see how it matters, really...the raw forum isn't more important than any other.

Where can I run- today?
Barked: Wed Nov 3, '10 1:47pm PST 
Because the last 2 forums to be added were both Advertiser-based ('Mighty Dogs' and 'Bissel'). I'm certain part of the deal is for them to be more noticeable, 'above the fold'.

I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Thu Nov 4, '10 8:14am PST 
Kolbe is right, those forums were basically created to target banner ads. Small dogs is pushing mighty dog canned food and dogs and a clean home is now pushing bisell spot bots. But I'm sure other products will be advertised later.

That's why they are more prominently placed...they're bringing in $$ from advertisers.
Hershey Bear- (2003 - 2015)

Silly old bear
Barked: Thu Nov 4, '10 1:41pm PST 
I think all of the Food related forums (Food/Nutrition, Raw, and Homecooked) should be one after the other. The advertising/new forums (Small Dogs, Clean Home, etc) should be at the very top, and all of them would be under "New to Dogster". But thats my opinion.

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Fri Nov 5, '10 1:18pm PST 
When they add new forums, I think they should put them at the top then after a while move them near other related forums. They are a bit jumbled up right now and it does irk me. I like a bit of organization. I would group them as:
Breed Forums

Clean Home

Home Prepared



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Hump Hump
Barked: Mon Nov 8, '10 5:37am PST 
I think they do it , knowing that you would have to scroll down , so you could get your exercise ....big laughbig laugh

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