Dogster just doesn't feel the same.

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Barked: Thu Sep 23, '10 12:58pm PST 
And I've been busy with school and all, but when I am on the computer I come on for ten minutes just to see what's going on.

But this isn't the same anymore, it's not as busy, and I haven't seen too many new people either? Why? Because people don't notice the little 'join here.' button. It's almost like Dogster DOESN'T want new people! New people means more money if their going to buy Plus, but how will they know if they want Plus if it's so dead all the time around here?

I think Dogster needs to do some adds, Remember that dog show? American dog or something? It was a TV and at the end they had the Dogster commercial, that's PERFECT. Or Dog Fancy, Dogs in Canada, and other magazines would be GREAT for advertising! And it doesn't cost too much either!

Dogster needs to start going at a faster space IMO! dancing

Tennis ball,- tennis ball,- tennis ball...
Barked: Thu Sep 23, '10 3:18pm PST 
Hmm.. advertising would be ideal. The tiny "Join here" button was one of the first things that I thought was wrong with the new website design. When I first went to the new layout homepage, it took me a while to find the little "Log in" button next to "Join here". Then it got me thinking about how new visiters would have a clue about finding how to join this site.

I dunno thinking