I would like to see separate forum for the therapy dogs

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Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 7:52pm PST 
The therapy dogs are seldom mentioned in the service and therapy dogs forum. Susie is now training to became the therapy dog and I would like to see more discussion on the subject of training, actual visits in the hospitals and nursing homes, therapy dogs organizations like Delta etc.

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Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 11:48pm PST 
If you want therapy dog discussion...post a therapy dog topic. When people post a topic, it gets responses. I'm not against seeing them get their own forum, but you guys really could be a whole lot more talkative than you're choosing to be.

From what I've seen, the SD handlers are really happy to see you guys post too. Everyone can appreciate a dog who does good deeds. winkMuch love for you therapy types. hug