Bring DOTD and DOTW BACK on the homepage!

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Barked: Sat May 29, '10 7:34am PST 
Who's with me?
We don't want to have to go to 'Community Homepage' to see who's famous day it is!shrug

World class- sulker
Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 10:25am PST 
I agree, seeing dog of the day/week influences a lot of people to join the community.

I also think there should be a choice to make the community tab our homepage. I don't just mean on first visit, but every time you hit the dogster logo in the left hand side of the screen. Either make it so every member is redirected there, or have a tick-box style option.
I'm no web designer but I don't think it's that difficult to implement shrug