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AKA Baby Face
Barked: Thu May 20, '10 7:56pm PST 
This week and forever the compassion people have shown me when my dog is sick and needs the healing of dog prayers.......
I have one of the worst weeks ever...... oh no.... I'm sorry I can't talk right now...frown
Vinnie My- Guardian- Angel

Vinster the- Psychic Doggie
Barked: Fri May 21, '10 3:17am PST 
Dieta, we will always pray and hope for a fellow doggie!
Pawmail us anytime.

Guest #551203; We hear you- sometimes our loving pets- dogs, cats, horses you name it are our only friends.

Mommy saw a great show on Animal Planet where austic children only responded to horses- and there are other places- like "Green Chimmneys" in New York, who have troubled kids rehab animals, and they never get in trouble again.
If you decide to become a dogster member, we'll gladly accept. dog

Take care and love, Sammy, Vinnie and Casey

Red Monster with- blue horns- Killer!
Barked: Fri May 21, '10 10:48am PST 
The fact they let you use html to edit your profile. Check me out! (yeah I'm a graphic/web designer) dancing I don't need to upgrade to plus.


Such a Happy- Girl

Barked: Fri May 21, '10 10:55am PST 
The exchange of dog-related info that happens everyday! And the sense of community that comes with being able to talk about dogs all day without anyone asking you if that's all you ever talk about. wink

Member Since
Barked: Fri May 21, '10 11:05am PST 
Nice to meet you Vinney. I will actually be taking one of my cats with me this summer when I do my vollunteer work. I am a youth group leader at church. Most of the kids who come to us have family issues. There is a big housing project behind the church, and it is notorious for crime. Kids from there are constantly getting into trouble for one thing or another. Many of them have not had the pleasure of knowing what it's like to love and be loved unconditionally by an animal. Therefore, I'm hoping my Buttercup will change that. The only problem I have now is getting my mom on board. Buttercup is really her cat. However, when I have my own pups, they will definitely be taking the CGC test and doing this with me. Heck, perhaps I might even be on brat camp someday. It'll be interesting to see how those kids respond to animals. I really don't believe those kids come out reformed. They just go right back to their old habits once they step a paw outa there. Perhaps my kids will change that, XD. Oh, and one more thing, I make it my point to educate the younger generation about online safety. Pups, you're not off the hook on this one, BOL.
Makaveli PSDIT

I Can Has Lovin'- Nao?
Barked: Sun May 23, '10 7:22am PST 
My favorite thing about Dogster is the Dogs cloud 9 I love making new furiends, and I love giving advice, and learning new things. It's nice to be able to talk about dogs all day long, with people who appreciate them as well laugh out loud
Cookies 'n'- Creme- (1998-2011)

Heart of a lion,- soul of a lamb
Barked: Sun May 23, '10 9:34pm PST 
Being around people who love dogs as much as I do.smile
Buster- (1996-2008)

Are you gonna- eat that?
Barked: Mon May 24, '10 1:41pm PST 
My favorite things about Dogster are making new friends, answering doggies' questions in the forums, and looking through the strolls, particularly the "Mutts Only" stroll.

Just smile for- me.
Barked: Mon May 24, '10 6:35pm PST 
My favorite thing about Dogster- has to be how the forms is set up and how efficient they are, also meeting new people. wink

Gunna get \'em!
Barked: Tue May 25, '10 1:26pm PST 
It's facebook for dogs. How much greater does life get than that?
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