The perceptions towards those who are low income dog owners...

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Black dogs rock!
Barked: Sat Apr 24, '10 7:00am PST 
Tess, it sounds like you were judging the area more than the owner. We had a choice to move to low income housing when we having a hard time finacially. We choose to pay more for housing, so that my children would be safe from undue influences. Not for a minute did I think that all people in that area were bad people , but for the majority of them, their priority was *not* their children. I suspect the same was true of the dogs in the area you were concerned with.hug

Barked: Sun Apr 25, '10 8:24am PST 
@ Spot~
I hear ya! I've seen people come in with a $1000+ pup (from a mill) Dog is sick, tests positive for parvo, Owner claims they could not afford this vaccine as the dog cost $$$. NOw they EXPECT us to save their pup, and if we deny them after failed attempts for care credit or a down payment, well, what kind of animal hating practice are we???

I have fed my dogs CRAP based on financial situations--but also treated my dog for HW when needed. If I had spent more $$ on food, funds would not have been there for the treatment.

When reading some posts on dogster, (or in life), I get fired up, but than I remember "Walk a Mile" It really helps!

Barked: Mon Apr 26, '10 9:36am PST 
This is a great thread, and I just wanted to pop in and say that I know a lot of people are afriad to come to Dogster or forums like it, because of the bashing. I have a couple friends who refuse to discuss anything here, because they are afraid of what people will say about the choices they make. And that's really too bad...because places like this are great for dog owners.

But they are afraid that by feeding their dogs a mediocre dog food, that other people will judge them. And that, in my opinion, just sucks. People shouldn't feel that way...as others have pointed out in this thread, it's not what you feed them, it's how you care for them, treat them and love them.

Czarka, CGC- UJJ

Why walk when- you can run?
Barked: Mon Apr 26, '10 12:54pm PST 
Small confession... my PhD is in Animal Nutrition... _I_ would rather not get involved in the diet debate because there is just too much emotion. So... I mostly avoid the 'feeding' discussions.

Beyond that, and as others have pointed out, if you've chosen to have a dog and do your best to take care of that dog... welcome wink

That has rather little to do with $$. It has everything to do with commitment.

Here\'s my Wubba- - now play with- me!!
Barked: Mon Apr 26, '10 1:03pm PST 
Hi Sadie, I understand your friends' reluctance - I almost closed my Dogster account after the first month because of some of the bashing I saw on here (mostly because of food choices), and even if it's not bashing someone in particular it's when people say things like, "I was in Wal-mart the other day and I saw this woman buying Puppy Chow...I wanted to go over and say ______ to her!" - Well, if you buy Puppy Chow because of your financial situation how does that make you feel?? On the other hand, I will say that I get very frustrated with a friend of mine sometimes because she has 4 kids and her husband has had a hard time keeping a job, she doesn't work and they already have two dogs and a cat, but when they moved out of her mother-in-laws and in to a bigger (rented) house they got another cat and 2 beagle puppies (someone was giving them away) and from what I last heard she now has a couple of ducks and some chickens. She told me last night that her cat just had kittens too, and they have a roommate that has 3 dogs and he is now unable to care for them so I guess she's taking on that responsibility too. I do think when you're routinely struggling to keep a roof over your head and keep your childen fed and clothed you should probably think carefully about adding more animals to the household, especially when it's not likely that the financial situation will improve in the next few years. Of course, there's a difference between being a responsible pet owner and being a irresponsible pet owner (regardless of income level), and I think I get frustrated more because I don't always feel that she's being responsible.

st. francis of- asses
Barked: Mon Apr 26, '10 6:34pm PST 
Sadie, I agree with you...when i first signed up on dogster I kind of just "lurked" in the background to see how things were. It was really scary to read some of the responses to people who were honestly trying to get help for their pup but may be making some mistakes. Lord knows I have made my share of mistakes with my dogs, from lack of knowledge of training to feeding not a high quality food. Some of my mistakes had to do with money and some had to do with no knowledge of training. But I do try to learn from my mistakes, I give my dogs the highest quality food that I can afford, they get excellent health care, they have been in obedience training, etc. I ask more questions now but I do still hesitate for fear of being seen as somehow "lacking".
Max (aka- Sebastian)

Lovin Life
Barked: Tue Apr 27, '10 8:45am PST 
You guys are right about the food issue being a hot, emotional topic. Overall, I think most Dogster want to help. There is a difference in feeding what you can afford, and feeding a crappy food because you don't know better.
I think most the dogsters assume that those feeding lower quality are doing so because they don't know better so they get all worked up and try to "educate".
I was one of those uneducated people before, my first mini ate crap food because I didn't know better and now that I do know better I do the best to make sure Max has a better quality food so he doesn't suffer the same ill effects our 1st mini did from the food.
Tractor supply has a good food called 4health, it's less then a dollar a pound plus if you go to the tractor supply website and sign up for emails, they will send you a $5 coupon off your purchase. ( I think someone in the food section figured the price to be about $0.70 per pound)
Your going to get jerks no matter where you go, and you can't take the mean things to heart, this is just the internet so it's easier for the bullies to push buttons since they don't have to do it face to face.
As long as the dog is being cared for and recieving the needed vet care then it doesn't matter how much money someone has.

Lobo - always here in- spirit
Barked: Tue Apr 27, '10 10:22am PST 
I have spent my last dollars on my dogs. for food or vet bills. Lets think of the dogs of the past that never went to the vet, got vaccinations and probably ate whatever they could get. And if kibble isn't good for dogs then someone needs to bark at the dog food companies and not the owners. It probably depends on what era you grew up in. My era was purina was a good and healthy food for your dog. My dogs have been on purina for 15 years. Is there a better diet for them? they all have been healthy dogs. I see alot of ppl cook for their dogs. Being low income does not mean that you cannot have companionship or unconditional love. God always seems to provide for me and my dogs. And faith in him cost me nothing. And as for bashers, trying to educate someone doesn't mean u have to bash them. Just give your opionon nicely and if the other person agrees then they might use your suggestions. I for one would like to know why not feed your dog kibble. Isn't that what most dogs live on? It is too bad ppl feel the need to bash other ppl just because they don't think they same way, or have not heard that something is not good for their dogs. Dogster is for the love of the dog, to help educate and comfort and share other dog stories. And if you do get bashed do not take it personally. Nothing like letting a total stranger bring you down.blue dog

I would rather- go through than- around!!
Barked: Tue Apr 27, '10 2:00pm PST 
frown common people - I 100% agree just don't take it personally. Why was this thread even created? Someone's feelings got hurt. Some people's personalities are just forward some are timid - neither has the right to complain - I could complain that why doesnt everyone think like me I am low income and still feeding the best so you should be like me. Or that I feed the low end Purina and I am right because thats how it has always been.

We are all products of the media - and things need to change.
Sorry this whole thread boggles my mind.

Barked: Tue Apr 27, '10 3:58pm PST 
I agree Sadie. When I first got on here a few months ago I almost deleted my account. Some people on here are SOOOOOOOOO judgmental. It goes beyond just those who are low income; it is also against many of those who are less experienced or knowledgeable about dogs. I just can’t stand that self-righteous attitude that is more interested in trying to make someone look bad then actually helping someone. I just recently stuck up for someone on the GS forum because they were getting absolutely hammered for asking a simple question about breeding. Now not only are we not allowed to consider breeding our dogs, but you aren’t allowed to ask a reasonable question regarding it. Just very sad to see this kind of behavior from people.
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