We need a way to win/earn /be awarded Free Zealies!

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Snow Angel - misses you !- :(

She S no w- Angel! (a pun- BOL )
Barked: Thu Mar 4, '10 6:21am PST 
wave I have a suggestion. I think there should be more free Zealies given out to Dogster & Catster members! Maybe All DDPs and Dog/Cats of the Day/Week should be given a set amont , maybe DDPs 10 Zealies, Dog/Cats of the Day 15 and Dog/Cats of the Week 20 !? What about just random picks once a week for 20 Zealies? ...Or more contests or ways to win Zealies! You know we're all always buying them and it can get costly! Alot of us are unemployed and Love to Give but cannot afford to buy as many as we'd like to! Please, take this suggestion into consideration! Thankyou H.Qs! We love Dog ster! way to go dancing thinking snoopy cheer

WoOf- WOoF
Barked: Wed Mar 10, '10 2:32pm PST 
WOof ! Agreeded !