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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 11:53am PST 
One of my favorite things about Dogster and the folks who belong to Dogster is the lack of breed SNOBBERY...,

I'm A Bichon, And have been on other dog "chat rooms" and sites and found an incredable amount of NASTYNESS on the breed issue. YUCK!

Pardon my common views but DOGS IS DOGS.

I do admit that I prefer my own breed...hehehe..

But Mom and Dad being human seem to love all dogs ...not just my kind...HEAVEN knows why I don't ...lol

If you love GSDs...well more power to ya and there are wonderful GSDs out there ... why not just enjoy folks loves , be it GSDs or JRTs..Pugs or Poodles, Chineese crested or Cockers heck...

Mom and I enjoy going for dog strolls on all the wonderful types of Dogs out there.

If your into CANNES CORSO'S fine by me but lets just all Get along !

I'm not a Paris Hilton type Bichon...I like my kibble dry and my water fresh... lol

I have one coat for the cold Ct. winters and a sweater to...for fall chilly days. But my collar is Nylon with no gems .And my leash is a Flexi no with no Bling .

But all who love to pamper there poochs are good too!

Its One of the things I LOVE ABOUT DOGSTER,
Most Dogs could care less and the Humans well they love to view others Doggie pals TOO.

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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 4:15pm PST 
I agree! I'm quite surprised at how nice a majority of Dogsters are. I'm used to breed AND food snobs, but no one on Dogster has been like that. I've had a couple of issues with the indoor/outdoor arguments here, but none have actually been bad enough for me to leave Dogster. It's been great! smile

Barked: Sun Jan 24, '10 4:55pm PST 
I agree also.

People argue and complain over anything. laugh out loud


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Barked: Mon Jan 25, '10 6:27pm PST 
Didn't we used to have a clapping smiley? Oh well. This will work ... way to go

Well said. I also like that no one knows what your human looks like either and friendships are forged on "Content Of Character".

I still get snipped at by very few for not being in tow with their opinions. I got snipped at today, but that's okay. I'm a big dog and they are leaving some other dog alone. For the most part, those with differing opinions are respectful.

We are a family here. Dogs and our humans, too

blue dog

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 4:40pm PST 
Sure there are Food snobs,

But at least here they are mostly trying to help not force there opinions...MOSTLY that is.

Im an allegic puppy , and i asked some of the folks here what I might eat ,
'cause of my itchyness, got lots of answers , some seemed to think I should be eating only raw... some a non grain food, some well lots of answers... but none were really mean about it ... a few seemed a bit bossy .. but none nasty.
They were just trying to help...is what I figure.
Seems I am allergic to CORN...at the very least .
So , I'm on A non Corn, Wheat and Soy food. It worked like a charm .
Thanks to some of the nice folks here.
My Dad used to say , if folks offer advice consider all carefully then do what you think is best !

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 7:56pm PST 
Everyone here has been very nice to me and it is Great there is somewhere people can turn for friendly advice, expertise, experienced information and support ..as well as camaraderie. I had been wearing a borrowed coat this winter and it is now just a a wee bit snug and short on the back side.. LOL..~ha!
Yeah me too ..my breed often is plagued with allergies and my family carefully selected a food to transition me to prior to my arrival..so far so good! smilewink
and even at dinner just this eve my folks were talking about a sick pooch here ..a breed in no way related to mine and they even called a friend who is a vet for some recommendations based on the symptoms described.. It's all about caring.
Some people are extremely passionate in their views and not everyone agrees all the time but take what you need and leave the rest.. The dogster community is as diverse as the many breeds purebred and mixed represented..

Anyone wanting to be pals ..i started puppy-k this week and i am excited !! Sometimes it's the little things in life that make us smile..my folks Luv when a pal request arrives , or is accepted.. it brightens their day..dropping in to dogster is like going for a stroll in the fresh air..

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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 8:37am PST 
I totally know what you mean, Mickeyfinn. And let me say, Bichons aren't my breed of choice... but you're a very adorable bichon.

I had so much trouble finding a forum I'm comfortable on. I have such an odd combination of dogs, that I just didn't feel welcome anywhere. Most of the small dog forums I tried ruined it with a pit bull or big dog post. One that I was on had a post about a dog who had mauled and sadly killed a yorkie. The yorkie owner had his dog outside, unleashed and lived next door to a person with a big dog that was always outside. So, it's obvious that, sadly, the situation could've been prevented (by both parties), yet most of the people on the forum were attacking the big dog, talking about how all "pit bulls" were evil and bloodthirsty and whatnot (it wasn't even said that the dog was a pit bull number one, number two the dog weighed about 110 lbs, if I remember correctly). Only me and one other person defended pit bulls. Pointing out that situation could've been prevented and that the dog was too big to be a pit bull. Needless to say, I left the site. Because Lilo happens to be a pit bull. Ugg. Then on a pit bull forum I was on, there was a thread about small dogs. Almost everyone who posted complained about how all small dogs are mean. All of them are ankle biters. All of them are spoiled. All small dog owners are the Paris Hilton type. Only big dogs are "real dogs". One person even said that small dogs should be banned. And these are people that preach about it being the deed, not the breed. Me and like three other people defended small dogs. I left that site, too. I've learned that on forums, it's always small dogs vs big dogs. It's hard to find a site welcoming to both. Harder to find one welcoming to all breeds (especially chihuahuas and pit bulls. I can't count the number of times someone has told me Lilo will eat my small dogs one day or that my chihuahuas would turn on me one day... some people... geez)

I had found one small dog forum welcoming to all breeds. Sadly, they closed sometime last year I'm on one big dog forum welcoming to all breeds. I still frequent it at least once a month. I'm on a pit bull forum that's... okay... with all breeds. There's an occasional rude comment about small dogs, though. For that reason, I only go there every other month. But, none have been as welcoming as Dogster. On Dogster, it's never about the breed. And when someone does post something rude about one breed or size of dog, everyone else jumps in to defend said dog. They accept you regardless of breed, or size. They even accept you regardless of indoor or outdoor, even though they will try and educate (hey, they're only trying to help). And most of the foodies are even nice about helping with food. (I've been on some forums that are just downright rude about food. I've been on some that will tell you that you don't care about your dog if you feed Purina. That's just mean. On Dogster, we all know we all care. We just try to educate.) Dogster is all about the dogs.It doesn't matter who's on the other end of the screen. No one ever asks about me. Only about my dogs. Because, on Dogster, everyone loves all dogs. And that's one of the things I love about Dogster.