im having trouble with getting a background :(

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Throw the ball.- You know you- want to!
Barked: Wed Nov 25, '09 12:03pm PST 
can someone plz help. where do i get the codes and where would i put it?? frown

Life is like a- bowl of Frosty- Paws!
Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 2:27pm PST 
Hi A.j! you can go to any myspace background site. I like pimpmyprofile.com because you can also make your own there but you can use any myspace layout site.when you find the code for the layout you want you copy it go to my account then go to modify biography and traits then go to fun stuff and paste your layout code there in the fun stuff make sure the show on profile box is checked then save it. Good luck! way to go

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Tucker Max- Small Paws

Tucker Max- Protection- Agency-Pres.
Barked: Fri Dec 11, '09 10:18am PST 
AJ you can find some pre-made backgrounds here:
Yo u can do a search for Christmas backgrounds for example.
When you find one you like, copy the HTML Code under the image. Then go to My Account, Pet Page (Modify bio and traits), go to Fun Stuff, then in the Extra Biofields (in the box under the word Body) paste that HTML code. I usually put the letters BG in Field Name box to indicate which code is for which purpose. You can also put HTML codes for banners, music players and graphics etc. so it is good to know which code is for which purpose.

Good luck AJ!way to go

Tucker Max- Small Paws

Tucker Max- Protection- Agency-Pres.
Barked: Fri Dec 11, '09 10:20am PST 
opps, here is a clickable link for Glitter Graphics:
Glitter Graphics Background

I Bark,- Therefore I Am
Barked: Fri Dec 11, '09 12:52pm PST 
I think A.J. may have a problem with where to put the background codes because he isn't a Plus member.
Somewhere I saw where non-plus members could add a background.
Don't know how to do it.

Loving the good- life!
Barked: Tue Dec 15, '09 9:45pm PST 
Once you have the HTML code for a background, you need to go to your profile page and edit it. Scroll down to "Fun Stuff" and click on it. When the page opens there's a box, insert the code there and check the box next to it.
Tucker Max- Small Paws

Tucker Max- Protection- Agency-Pres.
Barked: Wed Dec 16, '09 7:08am PST 
I know a lot of non-plus members who have a background. I told them how to do it and it worked for them too.

Merry Christmas!
Barked: Thu Dec 24, '09 10:15am PST 
if u wanna find out a lot, go to this link and join the group. Yes, plus members and non-plus members can do backgrounds.


T AKE IT SLOW. That's what everyone told me when i was learning. It's hard at first, but then it gets REALLY easy.
ALSO, If you want a great place to get easy backgrounds, go to


and see if they have a background you want. If so, just plug it into you HMLT code thingy, and it'll most likely work. Sometimes, though, it can send little glitches to your computer, so be careful. I hope this helped. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

I sure do love- walks &- treats!!! :D :D
Barked: Sun Jan 3, '10 9:22am PST 
You could go to the Myspace background site, but I recommend www.mbif.net

Go to fun stuff where you change your dog's profile, and in the big box that says body, copy and paste your code(s), click the box that says Show on Profile, and click save. Then you can see it on your dog's profile! If you want to put a background on the group, go to the group profile change thing, go to HMTL (one and two), and do the same thing.
Buddy- Doughnut- *CGC*ESA*

I\'m Jelly- Filled! *Gone- But Not Forgote
Barked: Wed Jan 13, '10 12:22pm PST 
Ginger posted a great group! I highly recomend it! Thanks were I learned how to make my page look all spiffy!way to go

All I wanted was a backround, but look at what I moved on too! BOL!laugh out loud
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