Can someone please tell me what kind of dog I have?!

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Life is GOOD:)
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 3:12pm PST 
I think you are a Australian Shepherd mix. Mixed with what though it has to be something with shorter hair and a tail since a lot of Australian shepherds are natural bobtails. I am going to throw maybe lab or gloden retriever in there. I would say an Australian shepherd/retriever mix.

Here is a good website that you can look at and compare dog breeds and mixes.

if the link doesn't work then look for extra spaces when you paste it to the address bar.wink

On the other hand if you weigh closer to 70 lbs then I would guess you are a Golden Retriever/Rottweiler mix. With the hair and face of a golden but colors of a rott. Plus rotties are heavy dogs with heavy bones that would make your weight.

I call Bandit my Mystery Mutt so you can join his club too.laugh out loud

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Hershey Bear- (2003 - 2015)

Silly old bear
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 7:41pm PST 
my first thought was an Australian Shepherd mix, possibly with some Retriever in there somewher.e

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Barked: Tue May 12, '09 7:59pm PST 
To me , she looks like a german shepard/ rottweiller mix, possibly with some collie. She sure is adorable ! cloud 9


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Barked: Wed May 13, '09 1:30am PST 
Wow! Thank you so much to all you dogs and your humans for helping out this breed illiterate mommy!

I was up way too late, as I always am, doing research, i.e. google image and wikipedia, last night and had so much fun trying to figure out what kind of dogs Willow looked like most. So I think the overwhelming consensus is that she has some type of shepherd in her and that's awesome, but the rest is kind of up in the air.

I looked at rotties, and collie and goldens and other retrievers and honestly she looks like all of them, which probably just speaks to the fact that she truly is a "mystery mutt" (Bandit, Willow says she would love to join the mystery mutt club, BOL).

But I favorited this pic I found last night of a collie/aussie mix because it looked so much like her it was uncanny!

Now let me ask you guys this. Willow does this thing where when she and the other three dogs are romping around and play fighting, she will use her hips and like swing them around and bump the dogs with her hips, we call it hip checking.

She does this to keep them away from her and man does she ever use those hips, she bumps them hard!

My question is, is this a product of her and some kind of shepherd breed she has in her, therefore it's just an innate characteristic, or is this something a lot of dogs, shepherd or not do? My other 3 do not do this so this is why I ask if it's specific to shepherds? Thanks guys you are all amazing!

Oh yeah and P.S. Willow wants to say, "You dogs are like so totally cool, thanks for telling my mommy what I might be, I have been trying to tell her for like ever, but she just doesn't understand, you dogs know what I mean!"

Life is GOOD:)
Barked: Wed May 13, '09 7:28am PST 
That's more a characteristic of a herding breed which shepherds are part of. So she is probably part australian shepherd for sure if she has that instinct. Bandit does the same thing. He loves to chase other dogs and then ram into them and knock them out of his way. I think he has australian cattle dog or kelpie in him. It is fun trying to figure out what your dog is. It can take up all of your time if you let it (know from personal experience)laugh out loud

Here are some websites that can help :
www.nextdaype ts.com (only good for comparing pictures of breeds)

thats all I can think of off the top of my head.wink

the best gift to- your pet is your- time!
Barked: Wed Jun 3, '09 10:06pm PST 
She seems like a Shepard mix. What a cutie! laugh out loud
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