Please vote for my westie!

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Please help I need your vote- David vs Golieth

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My name is Ann Morin and I am a home based travel agent. I entered a contest to win a cruise on MSC. The theme of the contest was to make a photo with a cardboard cut out of Sofia Loren that best described the slogan "A Diva Like No Other" I planned out my photo for weeks, brainstoming, stetching ideas etc. My advertising budget consisted of the $50 I paid my 19 year old son to take the 300 photos on my $150 camera I already owned and two bags of dog treats. I think my idea is great but I have run out of clients to ask to vote. I am just not that big of a company. My largest competitor works for Travelocity so it is definately a David vd Goliath event (me being David) he even has the travelocity gnome in the photo which is brand recognition. Please visit the following website[[ www.msccruisesdivina.com]]
click on cast your vote and look for my photo. It is a couple sitting in a hot tub with an adorable little Diva dog in front of us. My name is Ann Morin. If you know what it is like to compete with a mega broker you can sympathize with me. I want to win this to take my husband away for our 25th anniversary. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope I get your vote. Voting is one per email address and open until December 5th.