Skin solutions- Help required!

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Barked: Tue Oct 23, '12 12:13pm PST 

I would really appreciate some advice. My vet diagnosed my gorgeous Westie (3, male) with an allergy to dust mites. She said it is safe to give him 2 piriton a day, and this is combined with bathing with Malaseb shampoo.

Dougal is licking his paws almost raw even with the methods below. We steam clean regularily, walks etc, dry his feet off after his walks, but it seems to be really bad right now, and I don't know what to do,

He is using James Wellbeloved food too which the vet recommended also. He is also prone to vomiting if he eats too quickly.

I really would value safe, tried and tested methods for him, it is distressing us and him I think. Otherwise, he is a really happy dog. I will give the olive oil in food too.

It is Autumn here in Scotland, and cold outside, so central heating is on too when required

Thank you so much in advance
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Wow our dogs are almost exactly the same! Our dog is a westie puppy and is also on James Wellbeloved and has skin problems. Our vet recommended piriton too, with also an injection. She did mention steroids, but as our dog is too young and we don't think this case is too serious, the vet said she wouldn't recommend it.

I hear boiled rice in meals is good for dogs, with fish (omega 3).
Also our vet said that baby shampoo from Johnsons is great for westies with skin problems as it is very mild.