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Great Tip for Westie Skin Problems

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Barked: Fri Jul 11, '14 7:42pm PST 
Hi Wertie owners,
Our little dog Daisy had terrible skin problems. Our Vet was unable to cure it and we were at our wits end as what to do. After a visit to the AHT in Newmarket we were advised to bath her once every day without fail and wash her in Maliseb dog shampoo. Massage it in very well in particular in the affected areas, leave only five minutes and rinse well. The results have been astounding. She no longer has any bald batches, all the black skin has changed back to pink and all the fur is now growing back. She is like a different dog again. Make sure that you give her a fish oil and evening Primrose Oil (check dosage well) to counteract the drying caused through regular washing. Good luck!
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