Please vote for my adoptable friend Max

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Let's play!
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 10:02pm PST 
Hello all! I don't post too much on here, but I was wondering if you all could vote for my barely a year old pit mix friend, Max. smile
He is with a rescue group we work closely with (surrendered by his owners) and winning this contest could get him out of the kennel for a few days and a weekend stay/pampering at a local pet inn.

Here is the link (To see Max scroll to the LEFT in the photos)

All you have to do is comment MAX #3 (or whatever you want to say as long as you have his name and number in there) in the comment section of that link. You may have to make an account but patch is just a news site and you don't have to enter much info. I believe you can also join from your own local area and still go back to that article to vote (not 100% on that one). You'll just have to activate your account. I started getting email notifications when other people posted for some reason but by clicking the email you can follow a link to unsubscribe from it.
If you would rather vote for one of the other dogs that's your choice, but Max I think really deserves it!

And if you don't want to vote at all then that is fine too! Moral support is always good. way to go

Winner will be announced Dec. 21
Max is currently in 2nd place I believe!