Help Seattle Animal Shelter's Spay & Neuter clinic win $5000! Vote for Nikko!

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I am Nikko, pay- attention to- meeeeee!
Barked: Sat Feb 11, '12 5:00pm PST 
This is for the Humane Society's World Spay Day pet photo contest. Please donate & vote for Nikko to help my chosen shelter (Seattle Animal Shelter Spay & Neuter Clinic) win a $5000 grant. Here's the link (I don't know how to make an auto link, sorry):

https://photocontest.humanesociety.org/contest.html?page= viewInd&id=117675&contestId=4&fbShare_id=158384

Thanks & please forward this on to others!

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Barked: Wed Feb 29, '12 12:04pm PST 
I tried to vote, but it's asking me to donate and I don't have money to do so. Sorry!