we need your votes to win from two little Maltese

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Royal- Bentley- Deeogee

Rest In Peace- Sparky
Barked: Sun Jan 8, '12 8:58pm PST 
New link.......Please scroll down to vote for Bunny and Bentley. They are both wearing coats with hats on....thanks so much. After clicking on there name you have to go all the way to the bottom and click SUBMIT....................http://www.baxterboo.com/customers/photos/ ?utm_source=Master+Newsletter&utm_campaign=48a07da471-BBJan2012b+-+V ote&utm_medium=email
Lexy CGC

Be Happy!
Barked: Tue Jan 17, '12 9:14pm PST 
We tried to vote but it looks like it may be over. Did you win?