please vote for jack (only takes one click!)

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Jack the Border- Collie - Rescues Rock!
Barked: Sat Sep 3, '11 10:00am PST 
im trying to get jack in the rescue dog calendar but i need to get over 61% of the votes so he can be on the cover too. please vote for jack it only takes 10 secs.

http://app.fluidsurveys.com/polls/bctgb/calendar-competition-sep tember/

he's in photo 2

im 15 and iv just started out in photography and would love the chance for him to be in it.

thank you!


Abbey's always- ready for a hug!
Barked: Mon Sep 5, '11 1:22am PST 
Hello there, checked out your photos of Jack, and they look great! Would like to vote for Jack if I could, but the page link says "not found". Can you please check the link or maybe I'm just not copying the right string? Thanks.