Please Vote for "Monty for Mascot"....

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"Just don't- tickle my feet"
Barked: Sun Oct 24, '10 11:18pm PST 
With your votes we still have a chance to become "Lead Dog" in a Mascot naming contest.
Vote for the UnderDog-You can Vote Daily until Nov.1st
To be eligible for prizes we need to be top 10
If I win the grand prize -a new car - I am going to donate my current car to charity-you can help choose
(will bring car anywhere in Canada-I need a road trip)

Click or copy link to your browser to go directly to Monty's voting page.
http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/56448/voteable_entr ies/9008845

(you can leave a comment at the bottom of voting pg to suggest a Canadian Charity incase I win)-tell your friends--- (2003 ford focus could be given to your charity of choice)

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