Vote for Stacey Mae

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Stacey Mae

Barked: Fri Sep 3, '10 8:00pm PST 
Dear Friends,

I have a chance to win a very nice assortment of wonderful products. But I can only do that with your help ♥

You can vote EVERY day, ONCE a day.

For those who don't know how to vote, or need help please read below.

First go to: http://www.hannahbaskets.com/DOGGIES.html

When you first load the page you will see around 20-30 photos of dogs. Scroll down to where you see the list of names.

Find my name (near the bottom) under Stacey Mae.

Click the little circle next to my name and press the vote button.

Then there should be a pop up, it will show you the score of all the contestants.

Please help keep me in the lead.

Thanks again for everything,


Stacey Mae Hobbles Mountain.
♥- Sparky- ♥

Barked: Sun Sep 5, '10 2:51pm PST 
Votd! You are winning... yay!!!cheer
♥- Sparky- ♥

Barked: Thu Sep 9, '10 12:19pm PST 
Still winningsnoopy


May: A mutt with- a big heart
Barked: Mon Sep 13, '10 9:09am PST 
Voted... still winning blue dog