What does your dog's tail say to you?

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The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA) is seeking entries for its Tales of the Natural Tail Dog Photo Contest. Dog owners or foster care providers are encouraged to submit photo entries that showcase the natural beauty or communication value of their dog’s natural–as opposed to docked–tail. Entries can be submitted online through July 31, 2010.

The Tales of the Natural Tail Dog Photo Contest is part of the HSVMA’s campaign to educate the public about surgeries performed on dogs and cats for cosmetic and convenience reasons. Those surgeries include tail docking and ear cropping of dogs, cat declawing, and devocalization of both dogs and cats to eliminate their ability to "speak." These surgeries are typically performed for aesthetic reasons or to solve what a pet owner perceives as a problem, such as barking or scratching. However, they aren’t medically necessary and, like all surgeries, they carry some risk. HSVMA promotes solving behavior issues through training and other available alternatives.

"A dog’s tail can illustrate every emotion from happiness to fear," said Dr. Gary Block, DVM, an internal medicine specialist who co-owns a veterinary clinic in Rhode Island. "It’s an integral communication tool and our focus is to respect that natural canine attribute."

A panel of HSVMA judges will select a first, second and third place winner based on how well the photo and the caption illustrate the beauty and function of the tail. Judges include artist Ron Burns, author and radio show host Tracie Hotchner, and Dr. Gary Block, who serves on the HSVMA Leadership Council.

The three winners of the contest will receive gift certificates for $100, $50 and $25, respectively, to The HSUS's online store, Humane Domain. The store features a variety of pet products and gifts for pet lovers. Winners will also be presented with dog-themed prize packs perfect for any canine guardian. Winners will be announced in August and winning photos will be posted on the HSVMA website.

A flyer promoting the contest is available for download to post in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, adoption venues, dog parks and other locations frequented by dogs and their caregivers.

For complete photo contest rules and to access the online form, go to hsvma.org.

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Wow, what a unique contest! This sounds really interesting. I can't enter my dogs, however.. they are both Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. Therefore, they have docked tails. I am not very fond of tail docking, ear cropping and I really think its wrong to have dogs and cats not being able to "speak".

Anyways, great contest! This sounds awesome.

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I entered. I love how expressive Sabre's tail is!!

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I'm so entering Q in this contest. I often say that his tail is his best feature. It's so long, and curly, and soft and swishy. When he wags it when he's really happy it almost touches his shoulders on either side of his body. Dog tails are the bestest.
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I"m going to try to get a pic of Tohbi's tail ASAP for this. I love his tail. Its a dipstick in reverse - black, then merle grey, then a white flag.

OOOOOO! I can try to get a shot of his flag when he's sniffing in the potato field! It's the only way I can spot him.

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Well, this question can be rather "breed specific"!!! With Beagles, it
nearly Always means "Im happy to see you & how long can we play"!!!smile

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Ya Annie has the same problem as buckeye she has a docked tail since she is a wheaten. And her tail is docked really short like maybe 2 inches long. However it NEVER stops wiggling unless she is asleep just about. And when she is really happy her whole butt wiggles.