Vizsla Exercise for Anxiety?

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Ninja Dog- Extraordinaire
Barked: Thu Oct 3, '13 7:10am PST 
I adopted my dog last year, and her paperwork said she was a Black Mouth Cur mix(highly unlikely), through the past few months I've gone through several theories. My current, and most supported based on her body type and personality is Vizsla and possibly Black Lab(I realize Black Labs aren't their own breed, but I specified because of her coloring).

Cairo has anxiety, general and separation, and it is my theory that it's because she spent 6 months-18 months in a kennel at a rescue. I've started jogging with her, we play games in the house every day multiple times a day and we do at least two ten minute training sessions daily as well.

I'm a college student, therefore stuck in an apartment for the current school year, and I wanted to get a few more exercise ideas for her because I feel like what I'm doing isn't enough. We're in Florida, so anything from noon to about 5pm runs the risk of heat stroke.