Camping adventure! (story)

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!


Barked: Mon Aug 17, '09 11:26am PST 
(writen buy all my pup's)
*ruff* *ruff*
This summer, we just came home from camping, we ate ALOT of hot dogs! YUMM!laugh out loud
we went swimming, and sat by the camp fire telling story's! it was alot of fun!
one night we herd barking and rumbleing from the bush, and i went to go check it out, it was a lost puppy about 1 month old, my mom thought we should take it in and take care of it! while Missy and Emma were the pup's adoptive pup parents, as the puppy grew older, it got more and more atached to us. when one day we went to get our monthly check up by the vet, the vet saied our new puppy that we loved and took care of, had water in her lungs and she would have to be put to sleep... i fought it and i didnt want anything to happen to her, but we felt so horrably bad for the pup, we had dicided it would be best if we put her out of her missory, when we went in that day the last few seconds of the pups life, were the most spechelest moments i have ever come over, even though it was so unbelevably sad and i didnt want to go though with it, i new it was the right thing to help the puppy out the last few days and give it a warm place to live so it wouldnt die alone in the wilderness. i will never forget those last few minuts with that very spechel puppy who changed my life forever.
and her loveing owner, savannah