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Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 8:07am PST 

FlickaMom, congrats on 9 yrs on first speaking with Jay. It must have been a good conversation! Wow, it is really cold there...28 degrees! It is chilly here but warming up to possible 70 this afternoon and light winds. Good luck at spine doc! Will you eat out, too? Cars don't pass inspection here if they have a crack on the driver's side. So glad Dogster got the problem figured out yesterday.

SargeMom, Rissa is in 2nd grade and Ashley is in kindergarten and they are both doing very well. It's such a hard decision about whether to get a new car or have older one fixed. We spent so much repairing our old cars when the boys first started driving. Gosh, that was so many years ago! I think if I had to do it over again we would have gotten new ones back then. Will you be going to T&C's for Easter? POP for Sarge!

S&SMom, sending positive thoughts!

Got notice last night that one of my old school friend's mom passed away. She had been ill for some time so we knew it was coming.

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one! kissing
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 8:30am PST 
Hey guys...sorry for not being around much. I am having a really hard time with losing Brenda. We knew she was sick for a while and tried to get her to follow up with her doctor. Just breaks my heart that we lost her. I also have a good friend in my beagle group. I feel like we are on a death vigil. Sounds horrible, but it's breaking my heart with him. It's hard to be around sometimes

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 2:58pm PST 
Spine doc visit.. he is trying some stuff to damp down this upsurge of arthritis attack... All will I guess, settle..

AnnieMum.. anything goes in Oklahoma.. many death traps on the road.In UK.. no cracks in the screen at all allowed or chips.

Here.. high gusting winds but warmed up to 68F.. just high gusts.

We always eat out shopping day.. something easy and simple . Its hard enough.. and adding the doc visit is exhausting.

Sorry about your friends Mum

Scoots.... I understand...been walking that road for 15mths with 2 friends. The best that any can do.. for those who pass.. is to celebrate their lives.. they wouldnt want or expect misery. Its hard.. but the gift they leave is the love they gave us.. it need to be celebrated.

Brenda brought sunshine...that needs to be upheld.

Hugsss for all..........

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 3:16pm PST 
Annie Mum.. I meant to add the spam problem is far from sorted sadly. They are having major problems trying to block them as the spambots can get around the blocks HQ are working on it.
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 7:57am PST 

SargeMom, I hope I have the date right, but thinking of sweet Angel Rocky on his Bridge anniversary. I wish I had gotten to know him. rainbow

ScootsMom, I didn't know Brenda but she was loved by so many. hughughug

FlickaMom, hope docs new plan will help your arthritis pain! I totally agree, eating out after an exhausting day works for me every time. We did some more work on the flower beds yesterday. My bones are kinda creaky this morning.

S&SMom, sending hugs your way!

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one kissing

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Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 8:41am PST 
Rocky's 3rd Rainbow Bridge day, does it show up on the community page? I didn't see it on our friend activity. We got a blue balloon and put his picture on it, and at 10:45, let it go to the heavens with a prayer for all the angels there. hug

Anniemom, we are all going to a restaurant for Easter this year. His mother will still be in the Rehab and we'll stop there to see her first as our reservations are 2:30 - Judeann got the ball rolling on it this year, she is moving and pregnant and no shape to have Easter, Ann (her mother, Tom's sister) didn't want to do it with her mom in the rehab, so we have Christmas and said no to that, too.

Flickamom hoping that your kind doctor can help you with the arthritus. Is it a new medicine? 9 years is a long time, and a happy day for 2 people to meet. flowers

Scoots, glad that your Bell's Palsy is getting some better, and we are sorry about your friend. It seems being on Dogster so long that we see many of our dear friends passing now. The loss of Brenda must have been a sudden one, as the forums posted in February, I think, for thoughts for her. Such a shame and precious Rudy Patody.

We had some "excitement" here yesterday - Abby decided to take off and try and go throuogh the deck railings, her head got stuck and she was really flipping out in fear, so I tried to turn her head sideways and no luck would not go through. Before I hurt her, I started yelling and the neighbor came out and Rob came out, he tried to pull the railing off, but too hard, so I got a hammer and he pried it off. All I thought is if I was alone, would have been terrible. Tom was at the Rehab and stopping at the house to write checks for his mother. She seems ok, but it was scary.

We're going to the Paw Park Fundraiser tonight, Falletta's they have had 3 of these so far, a beautiful buffet, and we just donate whatever we want. They give back 1/2 of the drinks money to the park, too. It is very nice of them to do this. Last one was September.

It's been snowing off and on for the week but today is decent. Guess we'll be wearing a sweater to Easter, though.

Hugs to S&S Mom and Dad and sweet Maiyah. Any news from Burt's family on a dog?
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 10:15am PST 
Morning All.........

AbbySargeMum... Thinking of you this day. It doesnt get easier.. but it changes.. the happy memories get stonger... hugrainbowhugrainbowhugrainbowhugrainbowhug

Just make sure you have the little tick in the box on Rocky's acc that says you want the Rainbow day to be remembered. It may somehow be unticked.. it happens sometimes when they are messing with site codes.. If it is ticked... then its more stuff glitching with the ongoing huge problems they are having with the spambots and the site recoding they are having to try to stop them.. Check the box is ticked anyway.

The new med is just a supplement.. one I have tried before and it didnt do anything... just trying it again.. not expecting anything.

Brenda had been not well for a while... but the illness excelerated at the end. She was a wonderful lady and ray of real sunshine.

Ohhhhh Abby !!!! What an adventure !! Something to remember.. its always a help to cover any animals eyes.. doesnt matter with what. That is a good emergency calmer...Speak slowlu=y and softly and it doesnt feed their fear. It isnt a magic answer.. but its a help. Glad she is ok !

Enjoy the fundraiser.

I too can remember snow in April for Easter a couple of times in England!

AnnieMum.... we ALWAYS eat before doing the grocery shopping. We write the list the night before and shopping on an empty stomach is not a wise move as you always end up with stuff in the trolly you dont need. We eat.. then shop.. works well !

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Nothing says Lub- like a Bootie- Rub!
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 10:23am PST 
Hugs to you Abby mom, thinking of Rocky today. hug
Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 12:11pm PST 
rainbowThinking of you today, sweet Rocky, on your 3rd Bridge Anniversary & sending love and comfort to your family. Always loved, never forgotten.rainbow

Tried to post yesterday or day before & couldn't get post to stick...understand HQ is aware & working on it.

Computer is dying a slow death, so will make this fast before black screen comes up again. The hard drive has corrupted sectors & I've done all I can...it's a hardware problem. Will keep going as long as possible (have done backup of files).

Not chancing reading back as it keeps crashing, but send love to all, healing wishes for all in need and deepest gratitude for all of your love & support. More tests ordered by cardiologist re Clark's abdominal aneurysm (can't do ultrasound until after surgery date & I want it checked before surgery). Surgeon out of town this week, so will call him on Monday. Also, they wan echocardiogram done. Want surgeon to be aware of all of this before surgery date.

Wishing all a happy Easter or Passover.

hughughugBuhens, one and all!hughughug
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 12:56pm PST 
hughughughughughughughughughug hughug
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