Family dog?

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Barked: Sun Jan 1, '12 3:32pm PST 
We have a 7mos treeing walker coonhound male, my hubby got him to train him to hunt. In Aug same month we got him my hubby was told he has possible MS which has caused him issues walking so he wont be trained. We decided to keep him as a family pet, we started having some issues where he would growel at the younger two kids, but did get some help with it. I decided to post on another dog message board about the issue in hopes to get some help. I was informed he is a bad dog would do it again, he has to be put down, he has to be rehomed, they are not made for family pets, he has to be outside. The trainer we are working with to help with the issue said it was due to the kids hitting him even after we have spoke to them not to, and the dog was just scared of the kids. If we give him positive praise and treat when he doesnt do it and do a stern NO when he does it along with removing him from the kids it would make it easier. Which yes it has worked a lot. My question is, are they good family pets or am I trying to keep a dog who wont be good with the kids or anything later on?

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We got our treeing walker coonhound from the pound when she was 5 months old. She is now about 10 1/2 months. She stays in our office part of the house for the most part and we have not yet broken her in to run around the house as she is so active (and will use our tv room as the bathroom if the boys don't catch her clues that she needs to go). She is a great family dog and is very loveable. She will run up to me if I am upset or coughing. My husband jumped out of his chair and run upstairs (forgot he had food in the oven)... and she immediately was upset and had a whiny bark and looked at me like she was trying to get me to go see how he was and she was really worried. She gets along with our boys who are 8 and 11, though she doesnt always listen to them. But she has been very trainable for myself and my husband. A great guard dog as well! I think she is a great family dog but it also depends on the dog's personality.