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Love to find- hidey-holes
Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 10:02am PST 
I feel stupid having to ask this but after I responded to my first post, it said I needed a motto. So, I went back to see samples of mottos then I tried to get back to that page and it was gone. I went to my account and there's no field for this. I checked FAQ and other support links, searched for an answer, etc. I see nothing pertaining to mottos. Can I not add this until I post again or did I miss the opportunity?

Also, greetings to everyone!
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Tue Jul 9, '13 2:19pm PST 
Hello Heidi !

No .. you havent missed your chance !

Go to

To the right of the pic of Heidi first line says

Pet Page:
[Modify biography & traits] [Customize navigation buttons]

Click on the [Modify biography & traits] link

Click on the "Fun Stuff" link

The top thing will say .....

Pet Motto

Your pet motto can be any phrase or nickname which describes the personality of Heidi. It will be used in areas such as forums where all Heidi's information cannot be easily displayed. Example: Mr. Shaver - "Mayor of Shavertown", Firecracker - "Born on the 4th of July".

The box underneath it.. type your Motto !


I will pmail this to you as well !