Ex-Plus User - want to add a new pic

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Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Tue Feb 19, '13 2:41pm PST 
I used to have plus, so each of my profiles has at least 100 photos stored on them. Even though you can't see them now, I'd like to keep them there. A nice Dogster made Lilo some beautiful wings which I'd like to upload to her page. I have tried clicking do not display on some of the pictures currently displayed, but I still cannot upload the picture. Will I simply have to delete until I can upload? Or is there another way to do it without deleting a lot of pictures?

I wasn't sure where to post this, I figured tips & tricks fit it best. I'm still not entirely sure, though, so if there's a section that would have been better suited I apologize.
Flicka ~ CGC

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Barked: Tue Feb 19, '13 6:46pm PST 

I THINK.... and I am not sure of this... that you may have to delete one of the 1st 20 pics you are allows with Standard... then maybe try and upload the one you want and put it in then top 20.

I cant truely see how to work that though.

Honestly.... contact HQ (any page right at the bottom CONTACT) and ask. They will get back to you with an answer.

I am sorry that isnt a concise answer! But I didnt want you thinking no-one was reading !

Contact HQ and go from there

Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Tue Feb 19, '13 7:23pm PST 
Thanks for your post. wave

I tried your advice, and it didn't do the trick, either. I suppose I'll contact HQ later then.

I do plan on buying Plus in a month or two, so I'd like to keep the photos there. I'd rather not have to upload some odd hundred photos again. laugh out loud

Thanks again for the help.