Help me to beat Canine Cancer

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Barked: Tue Aug 28, '12 11:35am PST 
My name is Beaux and I am a 11 year old Standard Schnauzer that was recently diagnosed with Adenodal Carcinoma. My person took me for surgery to have the tumors removed but she needs advice. Has anbody been through this and have advice to share? Are there supplements I can take to help me beat this deadly disease? Can I change my diet in some way to help keep the cancer from coming back? A friend in the doctors office suggested adding Spirulina and chloraphyll to my food. They say a more Alkyline body is less receptive to cancer. Does anybody know if this is true? Any and all advice is welcome, as my Mommy is very worried about me getting better. I got my stitches out last week and am feeling pretty frisky and happy to loose The Cone Of Shame! I feel fine so far, but go for my first Chemo treatment tomorrow. If you have dealt with this please let me or my person know. We want all the help we can get.