Never formally introduced myself!

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A little lamb in- a pup's coat!
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '11 7:24am PST 
Hello everyone!

Hmm, a bit about myself, let's see...

I have owned dogs since I was seven years old, my first being a pure white Boxer/American Bulldog mix named Angel. Since then I have had Montana, a German Shepherd, Junior, an APBT, Trixie, an American Bulldog, Josie, an APBT, Isaac, a Dogo Argentino and Rex, an APBT. Whew, a bit of a bully breed lover? Why yes, yes I am! Although I truly find all breeds of dogs absolutely beautiful all the same, I have a horrible case of Pomeranian fever (that never goes away), as well as a love for Mutts, Aussies, Border Collies, and a splash of Papillon. I love any pup of the canine species though, believe me.

I just recently graduated high school June 15, and I am 18 years old and will be attending college this coming fall for nursing. I work at a dog grooming salon as a dog bather/dryer. I recently moved out, so unfortunately my two boys Isaac and Rex live with my mother as I can not have them where I currently reside. I make sure to see them very often though! I hope to bring them with me as soon as I can secure my own place.

Oh! And one of the best parts (which just happened yesterday in fact)! At one of my local animal shelters I was accepted into the volunteer program to groom and train the shelter dogs - an astounding opportunity for me! I have been training dogs in obedience and agility since the age of 12, and have waited many years to be able to pursue my dream of training. I could not be doing it in a better place either, to help these dogs means the world and then some to me.

My goodness, a bit of an intro from me! I really would love to meet everyone here, much thanks to everyone who read through all of this!

The best --

Haku for short
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '11 2:43pm PST 
Hello! Its great to meet you. I'm new here myself...sort of. I joined dogster a few years ago and then left for a couple years. Anyway, it sounds like you have a real passion for dogs, which is just wonderful. I've always loved dogs and cats since I was a child, but never really had the chance to own many pets due to moving a lot and living in apartments. Now that I'm married and living in my own house, I've just bought my very first dog that will be all my own (not shared with siblings or parents, for once.) I'm getting the cute little shiba inu pup you see here, and I'm so excited. Well anyway enjoy college and good luck with your chosen profession! :]

A little lamb in- a pup's coat!
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '11 5:21pm PST 
Hello there! Wonderful to meet you! Thank you very much for the warm greeting.

A passion for dogs is something that definitely fits the bill for me. dog walk

The very best luck with your new puppy! Shiba's are absolutely stunning dogs, I wish you a lifetime of love with your new pack member!

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Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Tue Jun 28, '11 11:15am PST 
wave Hi Welcome to Dogster! big grinbig grin Pal Request on its way! big grinbig grin

Nukka- Play with me!!
Barked: Tue Jun 28, '11 11:16am PST 
Hello there! We're new here too! Nukka has only been with us for a littel over a week, and we are having a ball getting to know each other! This site is a great place to learn just about anything, and to meet lots of dog lovers like yourself!

A little lamb in- a pup's coat!
Barked: Tue Jun 28, '11 8:51pm PST 
Received and accepted River! puppy So nice to meet you!

And Nukka, my best welcoming wishes as well! big grin

Barked: Tue Jun 28, '11 8:52pm PST 
Welcome to Dogster! I have always thought Dogo's were beautiful. This is a great site with lots of helpful info. Sent a pal requestwelcome

The Mini, not so- small bottomless- pit!
Barked: Wed Jun 29, '11 12:11pm PST 
Accepted! So nice to meet you as well!! wavesmile