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Ball?! Did- someone say- BALL?!!!!!
Barked: Thu Jun 9, '11 7:41pm PST 
As you can see, I can not for the life of me figure out how to get the blasted thing to work. I DO have a pic loaded on his page and from what I understood, as I have a free account and the only picture was in the first slot (per say), that should have been enough. BTW, there needs to be a smiley banging his/her head on a wall because that would be me.

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Wed Jun 15, '11 2:46pm PST 
Heh Tyson!! Did you figure it out yet??big grin

I am super silly when it comes to pooters....but I seem to be able to navigate around here!

big grinwinkbig grin