Hi Everydog!

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So Very Brown
Barked: Tue Nov 9, '10 8:29am PST 
We've been gone awhile- a year or so- but we missed all the good info and stuff, so we're back. If you remember us, please bark hello! We also have a new-ish addition to our pack, Pepper and we know she's part Red Heeler, but we can't figure out the rest of her... maybe Chihuahua??? Something small and mean anyway. Guesses anyone?

Barked: Tue Nov 9, '10 2:16pm PST 
Doesn't ANYDOG want to guess what I am?! Really?eek

I am the- Chocolate boy!
Barked: Thu Nov 25, '10 12:01am PST 
Hey guys!!wave
We remember you. Long time no bark. We also have a new addition since last time we barked. We added a little girl named T.C. (stands for tough cookie since we rescued her off the street pregnant with 10 pups)

We don't know what else Pepper has in her but she sure is a cutie!


Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Thu Nov 25, '10 8:52am PST 
wavewave Great to see you allway to gowave

Got food? I- can be bought ya- know....
Barked: Sat Dec 4, '10 11:26pm PST 
You're a Pepper!
I'm a Pepper too. (Anyone else get the Dr. Pepper song in their head?)

I'm not sure what else is mixed in Pepper. I sure see the Red Heeler part, so - maybe Border Collie or Brittney?
Cattle dogs are more squat and sturdy, but you are lean and elegant looking. So I figure you must be mixed with a long lean breed. Very pretty.