Great New Changes Coming to Dogster!

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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Thu May 27, '10 9:06am PST 

Totally agree. The main page looks like a pit stop for people looking for quick fixes or quick answers. It totally seems geared to a one way street idea towards dogs...as in, teach your dog how to behave and such and then have specific information written about it for people to read. I don't feel that's necessary. I definitely feel the forums are just kind of there now. They seem bland in appearance, and seem very user unfriendly for newcomers. I mean, the forum tab doesn't even show up on the main page! How are they to know we even have forums without having to look around? I really think forums are more important than one stop general advice. The forums provide advice from a wide range of people dealing with a person's specific issue.

And I still feel like I'm on a lawncare website with the grass background. My dogs walk, pee, and roll in grass....but there's really not much of a relationship between dogs and grass. If you want a pictured background, I think something more specific to dogs would be better.

I may, I may- not..I'll get- back to you
Barked: Thu May 27, '10 2:14pm PST 
Wonderful hail comments. Thank you everyone for putting my thoughts into words. I do not want to be such a complainer but I too am really disappointed.

Years ago I found dogster googling. It ended up quite literally saving my sanity when I dealt with Mia losing her eyes to glaucoma. You could not find a better "community".

And as silly as this sounds this is still my pup's site and it was fun to see a welcoming message to Mia when I went on line.

I sit here typing away and I looked up and see "Expert info. Community know-how". What the heck does that mean anyway? thinking This site is trying to do too much and it's lost touch with the members who keep it going.

I'm sad.

Thanks for letting me share.

WINston XXLP- 1997-2008

Larger_Than_Life- !
Barked: Thu May 27, '10 3:24pm PST 
*shuffling up to Mia and giving her a big, sloppy, bully kiss*

Sorry you're sad, sweet Mia...

This is a big change and VERY hard to get used to, but we just keep going back to the Community tab whenever we get lost. We agree with others that change for change's sake is not always good, but we think HQ is doing this to complete with Dogbook and other newer dog-centric websites.

We REALLY think Dogster HQ is making a BIG mistake by moving the DOTW, DOTD and Diary Picks off of the home page. People visiting the website for the first time were drawn to creating a page for their dogs when they clicked on DOTW, DOTD, etc. and saw actual Dogster pages. That's how WE became members of the Dogster community.

We do like the “grass” background, but would suggest using a very pale version of that hue of green for the background of text boxes, etc. Agree with others that the white is too, too stark, and hard on the eye.

HQ, If you’re gonna stick with this new format, give us the option of selecting the Community Homepage as our Homepage when we login to Dogster. Most of what was on the old Homepage is now on the new Community Homepage. If you are active members of the Dogster “community” it makes sense that your Homepage should be the Community Homepage.

Good luck, every pup!

Yours in drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool,
WINston XXLP and the rest of
The Chicago Crew of Angels

Becky RNCL

My Hat is Two- Sharks
Barked: Sun May 30, '10 10:23am PST 
I miss the home page too! I miss seeing all the dogs and reading Chipper's diary every day wink And I can't find my saved stroll anymore...
Peaches- ♥

I'm adopted!!
Barked: Mon May 31, '10 1:02pm PST 
I hate everything about this new format. As much as I've loved Dogster over the years, I can't stand this and I won't be renewing my plus membership because of this. It's horrible to look at, you can't find anything and it's lost the "homey" feel that hooked me in the first place. This is just too much like other sites - with a slick (and slimy) feel of commercialism rather than being for the love of dog like it used to be. I hate leaving, but there's just nothing about the site that appeals to me at all...not anymore.
✨- Finley- ✨

Texas- Terrierist!!
Barked: Mon May 31, '10 1:06pm PST 
Could you please put a link to diary picks of the day/week back in the community tab at least?

It is very difficult to find nowadays.... makes us sad...crycrycry

Barked: Mon May 31, '10 7:33pm PST 
Is it just me or are we no longer getting pup pal acceptances sent to our emails any longer? I get other Dogster emails just not the acceptance emails anymore. I didn't change anything on my account. Do I have to reset my preferences? Does anyone know or have the same problem since Dogster changed their layout?

On another note, I would prefer if the community page was the homepage.

Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 7:38am PST 
The community tab doesn't always work for me either and sometimes some of the choices on it (particularly on the right side) are blocked or covered by an advertisement.
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Thu Jun 24, '10 2:38pm PST 
Can you not delete threads unless they're waaay over the top bad or spammy. Or if they're like lightyears old and nobody looks at them.

Soo many threads have just vanished recently. Many of them were good, recent debates. I think it's too ticky tacky to just up and get rid of them. Some people enjoy that stuff. It's like you're trying to hide something and keep this place deceptively "clean". Nothing bad was said in many deleted threads. shrug

Love- unconditionally.

Barked: Mon Jul 5, '10 1:36pm PST 
Is this thread still active?

I'd like to suggest more comprehensive Help options for the site. A better FAQ with a list of acceptable code tags would be a good start for technical nitty-gritty details like that, but it would also be great if there was a more comprehensive system for reporting bugs and the like.

It would also be great if there was somewhere a "How To Contact A Mod" sort of resource... I recently had an issue in a thread I wanted to discuss with a mod but I didn't know how to go about it and couldn't think of any I knew of off the top of my head, and instead the thread dissolved into a big fight, everybody's posts got "bathed" (even the ones that were fine so clearly someone was getting super report trigger-happy) and the whole thread got shut down. 0_o Is there any way to have someone pop in and give an authoritative finger-shake and a "now now, play nice and don't make me come in there" kind of thing? I think that's all it would have taken for things not to have escalated. I tried it myself, got ignored, got fed up and said ALL RIGHT ALREADY ENOUGH (which, ha, got a bath with basically the entire last page) and got ignored AGAIN. If a mod had said it, they woulda calmed down. Sigh.
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