How to Speak Dogster... BOL and more!

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Chia Kitai!
Barked: Mon Jan 28, '08 4:26pm PST 
Hi Everyone! wave

Hmmmm my best guess would be that GL means "Gentle Leader" which is a training device similar to a halter like you would use on a horse. There are also "Halti" brand head halters for dogs. Where did you see GL used?
Kilimanjaro Hoover

Mr.- Picky- Pants!
Barked: Tue Jan 29, '08 5:24am PST 
Yay Katai! Thanks for the new language! Some of them had be befuddled!laugh out loudthinking

BTW, new one Dogfee = coffee

where are you- now??
Barked: Tue Jan 29, '08 9:29am PST 
ACS= american cocker spaniel


I'm marrying- Jasper!
Barked: Tue Jan 29, '08 9:54am PST 
I got a funny one...
You don't toot or fart...you fluff!
Angel Poana- 5/5/06 - 1/2/13

It's All About- Me!
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 12:47am PST 
Wow! It just took me an hour to read this entire thread, but boy am I glad I did! Clears up a lot of questions!laugh out loud

How about BSL for Breed Specific Legislation

I know about this since I'm a pittie

Pittie = Pit Bull

Baby Bella
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 1:54pm PST 
Thanks for the info. Its going to help a lot

I love summer!!
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '08 6:21am PST 
Thank you, Mom printed it out and will read it while she is at work. Good thing she works overnight looks like it may take that long. Bol Prince and Snickers,

Hard Bite, Loud- Bark!
Barked: Sun Feb 3, '08 12:36pm PST 
you should spread it out =, Im woof spread the bark!laugh out loudway to go and good job, must have been a lot of work!!dogsnoopykitty

The BoBo, The- Star Of The Bobo- Show
Barked: Sun Feb 3, '08 6:50pm PST 
For all dogs around, TMP= That's My Puppy!!!!

Mozart, the- class clown
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '08 3:29am PST 
here's some APDT Rally titles for ya. Mom says Rally is my sport & it's loads of fun. The fun part is that APDT Rally Obedience is for ALL dogs!
RL1 - Rally Level 1, RL1X (10more ques)
RL2 - Rally Level 2, RL2X
RL3 - Rally Level 3, RL3X
ARCH - Rally Champion
ARCHX - Rally Champion Excellent
ARCHEX - Rally Champion Extraordinaire
Woof Woof,
Mozart RL2
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