You can now edit posts!

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Dogster HQ

Barked: Mon Jul 11, '05 5:22pm PST 
Woooo hoooo! The 1 arm bandit strikes again! You can now edit a post you have made.

I justed edit this one so you can see how it appears now (with the date included)

Life is a- B-A-L-L, throw- it!!
Barked: Mon Jul 11, '05 5:23pm PST 
Excellent news!

Works great!

Oh oh oh! Pick- me pick me!

Barked: Mon Jul 11, '05 7:00pm PST 
Yes!!! Thanks HQ!! This is going to be wonderful!

Hehe, I just had to try it out too, of course. ;-)

Kaltag "Kallie"

Mushing in the- SNOW!!!!!
Barked: Mon Jul 11, '05 7:13pm PST 
Yay! We love it! It's great! Thanks SOOO much HQ!!

Edited to add: Wow, it works great! Thanks a million!!
Shadow - 6/27/89 - 1/21/06

Mommy's little- angel girl
Barked: Mon Jul 11, '05 7:38pm PST 
Thanks Dogster HQ!
Taz - In Loving- Memory

For Little- Bit - DIE CANCER DIE-
Barked: Mon Jul 11, '05 7:45pm PST 
Whoo Hoo! Top Dog Rules!

Works like a DREAM!!!!
AJ (5/25/98 - 7/27/09)

Barked: Tue Jul 12, '05 1:26am PST 
Mom hasn't been in forums very much for about a week.. (the hot weather has struck and she is SUCH a wimp about a little 90 degree heat ...)

Anyway, the new features are super and I just noticed that ALLLL of my family's posts can be viewed by clicking a button under our pictures! AND the Give Treats button..

That is WAY too cool.

OMG.. The EDIT button is AWESOME!!!! Thank ya, thank ya.. thank ya vurrrrrrrrry mush!
Taz - In Loving- Memory

For Little- Bit - DIE CANCER DIE-
Barked: Tue Jul 12, '05 7:04am PST 
Hey Top Dog,
It would be great to have the preview and edit option when we send message to doggies as well! Just a wish from this little doggie. You guys are the bestest...one handed and all! Wuf!
Coco Daisy

*randomly spins- around in- circles*
Barked: Wed Jul 13, '05 9:20am PST 
Great news! Thanks for the new feature! I always mess up on posts so i'm going to make use of this one big grin
Snow Dogs

Barked: Wed Jul 13, '05 11:38am PST 
Good Job
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