How about MASS P-MAIL?

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Barked: Sat Jul 9, '05 4:21pm PST 
I would like to be able to respond to all pals at once when I have made an update to diary etc...... can do?
Dogster HQ

Barked: Sat Jul 9, '05 5:31pm PST 
Oh doggie, we can only imagine what mass mails your brother Rusty would send around. We'd have this feature live by now if we didn't have to take so many extra steps to make sure no one gets annoying unsolicited or off-language emails.

Also if you just looked down the main topic list or did a search you'd see your question has already been answered.
"Rusty the Terrible"

Barked: Mon Jul 11, '05 3:20am PST 
Wow. speachless..