What Do You Think Of The New Select Author Option

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Cheyenne- Moon

Live, love and- play
Barked: Wed Jul 6, '05 8:12pm PST 
We love it. Having 4 dogs on dogster I sometimes forgot to pick the right dog and the first one on the list came up. Some of my letters and forums came up with a different dog than I meant. This makes sure I chose one and the chances of me messing up are much slimmer. Thanks HQ, you guys are always thinking.
AJ (5/25/98 - 7/27/09)

Barked: Wed Jul 6, '05 8:18pm PST 
I like the new feature. AJ does most of the posting, but sometimes, the thread topic relates to Bubba and he needs to make a comment.. So I like the new feature..

Kaltag "Kallie"

Mushing in the- SNOW!!!!!
Barked: Thu Jul 7, '05 12:45am PST 
Yay for Dogster! This is great!

Xena *Warrior Princess*

The Lone Wolf.
Barked: Thu Jul 7, '05 1:54am PST 
Barkie Bark Dogster HQ We fink that was a tiggerific idea, now ma wee mom canny get us mixed up as she is...heh heh

The falling- leaves drift by- my window …
Barked: Thu Jul 7, '05 8:33am PST 
Works for me. Yes, Joker was making too many posts because his name always appeared first and Alpha Geek hit the submit too fast.
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Thu Jul 7, '05 11:32am PST 
Thanks so much Dogster cos I know I was the one that kept going on about it. I love it and it's stops me sending messages from the wrong pet! LOL

Beautiful- Bassador!
Barked: Thu Jul 7, '05 2:47pm PST 
We like it too, sometimes when replying to a message it would say the cat sent it (which was totally false, she can't type!) so this really helps us out thanks HQ!

Britney is very- special!!
Barked: Fri Jul 8, '05 4:20am PST 
Mommy likes it because she added her kitty Penny Kitties on catster. She is in the midst of adding her other Rainbow bridge kitties there too. This way she can pick who is meowing. If she ever got me a little sis doggie I guess then she could pick one of us.
In loving- memory,- Rufus

guardian and- protector
Barked: Sat Jul 9, '05 7:23am PST 
We love it! Bailey is more talkative and bossy than Rufus so she usually wants to put her 2 cents worth in. This way when Rufus really has something to say it takes all the fighting and arguing out of it. Thanks!
Rosie- Moondog

I Love My- Shellies
Barked: Sat Jul 9, '05 8:20pm PST 
We love the author option, and the new preview option too. Now we can edit before we post--VERY COOL!!!
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