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for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Sat Jul 2, '05 9:39am PST 
That's a great idea! We have real world friends, ebay friends,germanshepherds.com friends and dogster friends!
B'Elanna (In- Memory)

What? What? I- can't hear you!

Barked: Sat Jul 2, '05 7:24pm PST 
I always thought it would be nice if there could be a way to select which of your dogs asks to be pals with someone. Like, I'm an Airedale and I like lots of Airedale friends, and our puppy is a Collie who would like more collie friends, but when I ask an Airedale to be pup pals and he agrees, all of my family becomes his pal.
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