Forum Subdivisions, HQ?

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Yes, I am the- Center of the- Universe
Barked: Tue Jun 21, '05 8:23pm PST 
This is probably one of those ideas that would entail a pile 'o work for Top Dog and crew, but ...

There are a bunch of similar or duplicate threads on certain topics, I've noticed. Like there are at least two on "mange," two on how your dog's feet smell, a bunch on dog parks, etc.

Wouldn't it be neat if when you went to the "Health" forum you got a list of smaller topic areas? Or if you went to "Training & Obedience" and could click on "Potty Training" ... then you'd see all the threads in that sub-category?

Just an idea. smile

Yes, I am the- Center of the- Universe
Barked: Tue Jun 21, '05 8:24pm PST 
To finish my thought ... not that HQ would have to keep track of the threads and pop them into categories ... when you start a thread, you could decide which subcategory you want it to go to.

I'm in!
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '05 2:04pm PST 
Yes, yes, please do!!
There are so many different threads on the same subject that it is hard to remember which one you were reading (lots of duplicate posts, too)
It would definately help not only in starting a thread, but in "researching" a topic (and make it a LOT less likely that yet another thread with the same topic will be started)

Dogster HQ

Barked: Mon Jun 27, '05 6:34pm PST 
We love the idea but dread trying to deploy it. The big problem is that no matter how well maintained a forums is there are always splinter and crossover topics and before it can be admin'ed the thread is so active it's got a life of it's own worth allowing to live on.

We'll keep working on keeping threads aligned, but there's always a new user rearing to go.

We recommend using the search feature first before starting a thread.

Foxy Lady
Barked: Tue Jun 28, '05 6:24am PST 
What about combining some of the forums? That might help...as it stands right now, there are so many different forums that I don't even check half of them. I feel that the support (We miss you, when it's time to say goodbye, get well soon) could be combined. I just sorta feel that the more forums are, the more confusing it gets, and the more duplicate threads we'll see.