Tibbie fan here!

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But mom, I have- to sniff this!!
Barked: Sat Jun 2, '07 8:39pm PST 
I also had no idea what Marty was a mix of. All we could come up with is Golden Retriever but couldn't figure out what made him small. After looking through a dog breed book we discovered that he was definitely a tibbie mix. He too has many of the characteristics of the breed! He is a rescue and boy did we luck out with him. He rarely barks (good for us apartment dwellers) and has such a laid back demeanor although he will grumble at us when it is time for a walk or for his dinner! laugh out loud
Echo- Chaloupka

Sleep Master
Barked: Tue Oct 23, '07 8:19am PST 

Im a Texas Tibbie mix. My favorite time of year is winter and I love to just lay around the house on the big yellow chair untill my owner gets home from school.
Blink Blink

Barked: Thu Apr 24, '08 4:51am PST 
halo~blinkblink here!!
blinkblink is a tibbie too~^@^
My dad bought me as a birthday gift for my mum.
They love me soo much and even open an online pet bakery for me!!
i love my parents too~^@^puppy


who loves a butt- rub? ME!!!!
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 10:32am PST 
I'm a tibbie too! at least part of my is, I look and act just like a full tibbie- but i'm a whopping 27 pounds- so something else is mixed in too!

Teeth kisses for- everyone!
Barked: Fri Aug 8, '08 9:27am PST 
It's been a while since I read through this thread, but welcome! It is pawsome to see more Tibbie lovers on the forum.

Pixie, you just might be pure Tibbie - just a large one. I looked at your page and you do look just like a Tibbie should. You have more of a "native to Tibet" look.

Since the war 14 native Tibetan Dogs have been added to the purebred gene pool. These dogs were all slightly larger/stockier than the current show standard, and had the even bite and slightly longer muzzle called for in the original standard (the underbite has been constructed by the dog fancy and is NOT representative of true Tibetan breeds).

You can see a site about some of these dogs here:

Damchi, Chotu and Leopoldo

Pixie reminds me of Damchi.

Teeth kisses for- everyone!
Barked: Fri Aug 8, '08 9:48am PST 
I found a page with photos of Leopoldo and Chotu, two other native Tibetan Spaniels.

Chotu and Leopoldo with photos

If you read the text on these pages you will see that there is still fighting amongst breeders as to whether or not these larger natives should be allowed into the now more refined Tibetan Spaniel gene pool.

Both sides use the same argument that breeders should not be manipulating the breed, but should be acting as guardians! I find that kind of funny.
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