My 9 week old Standard Poodle puppy is unsure around strangers

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My 9 week old puppy is wonderful but seems to be apprehensive and/or very aloof around strangers. We are socializing her every day with friends, or carrying her in our arms in stores. Today when my 22 year old daughter (she has only met her once before) walked in my room Skye barked and growled. Once my daughter approached slowly and gave her time she was fine - I had Amy feed her treats and she quickly warmed up. Given my pup's passive nature, I'm a bit worried that she will be a shy adult. Her temperment is sweet, calm but really undecided about new people; very reserved. Each day socializing is helping - don't want to overwhelm her though. I will be attending puppy classes once her immunizations are further along.
Please help...does growling mean fear -biting in future?

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Probably not. As we are learning more about our SP family member, through research, and many conversations with others who are more experienced with the breed, it appears that, generally, they are quite "expressive" and "responsive." And your puppy is not very old. Thor, we didn't name him, he was adopted, for example, often makes all sorts of sounds, including "snorting" when he "doesn't approve" of something, in response to different situations. He's not loud, unless there is a good reason. Also, while a very calm, "loving," dog that is generally very interested, sometimes too interested, in interactions with humans and other dogs, he often has different reactions to different situations. Finally, we have been pleasantly surprised that Thor will also protect us if he thinks we are being attacked. Three times now, when an unleashed dog has attempted to "jump up" on us, or "rush" one of us, actually, one presumes, a "greeting," Thor was instantly between the dog and us growling, barking, teeth bared, etc. No biting but plenty of "warning" to the other dog. He instantly responded, as did the other dogs, to our commands, appropriately, in all three situations. SP's are very intelligent and very curious dogs.
Best wishes on the puppy. Socialization appears to be very important.