Does this sound like the typical S'poo trot?

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Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 6:36pm PST 
I have been in the process of trying to figure out if my s'poo is feeling discomfort over something, or is slowing down during his walks due to the summer heat. He has been lagging behind to the point where he will try to do a very slow walk by the end of most walks.

I have been noticing that while in a normal trot his back knees, though one seems a little more pronounced, seem to be turning inward a bit. He is starting to look just a bit like a runway model in his trot, meaning one back paw will hit almost the center line of where the other will go next. Of course he is moving forward and the back paws are not going directly on top of each other, but his paws are veering enough center to give me pause.

He is also sometimes mis-stepping in his trot. Its not exactly a stumble but it seems like one foot misses a beat or something. Its hard to describe. I don't have any other standard poodles near me to compare his trot too, so does this sound like or dislike any one's trot?

I keep trying to find youtube video's of slow show ring trots but haven't been able to find one yet that is close up enough and slow enough.

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Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 5:11am PST 
I know my dog has felt the heat this year and gets slow towards the end. I have not noticed a difference in her gait.
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Barked: Wed Sep 29, '10 6:44pm PST 
From the sound of it, no, that isn't a normal standard poodle trot. S'poos move in a very confident, springy, showy manner. The feet do not turn in or out.
The way you are describing it makes it sound like your baby's feet might just turn in? Not too sure without seeing a picture or video. Here's a site which explains structure, if you scroll down there is a brief diagram on movement as well as the rear. http://www.bijoupoodles.com/PoodleStructure.html
Here is a link to a thread which (a few posts down) contains some links to videos of Quincy, a show standard pup, practicing movement for show. If you go to the link and look through Arreau's other vids, you will find more with Quincy moving. Hopefully you can get something out of them!! (if not, he's a darn cute dog to watch anyway! LOL )

I'm not too sure about the slowing down on walks, but I know Desmond at least reduces his pace toward the end of the walk. When we leave, I'm just a step away from jogging to keep up with him for a while! Then thankfully he slows down to a reasonable pace when he gets all that energy out. How long are your walks? Maybe you need to take shorter walks if he is getting uncomfortable or tired like that at the end. I would keep an eye on that issue; he may have some pain in his hips or knees which is causing his legs to turn in like that and slow down.


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Barked: Sun Dec 5, '10 6:01am PST 
No. That does not seem normal to me. My dogs run and play in the heat, and I have not noticed that.