New Standard Poodle Puppy coming in March!

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Flip, CGC

I like to move- it move it!
Barked: Sat Mar 6, '10 6:17pm PST 
Oh congratulations!
I hope the UTI clears up soon!

Yes, I am this- Purdy in the- morning
Barked: Fri Mar 19, '10 7:48pm PST 
She is silver.

who are you- calling a prissy- pants?
Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 5:40am PST 
Thanks flip. Turned out to not be a UTI, not sure what is going on but we are thinking she may have had an underdeveloped bladder. Something in the litter, because a littermate was having the same problems. I think her immune system isn't the greatest because she got an upper respiratory infection, and now she is coughing and hacking. Hopefully she will get stronger as she gets older. Right now, its vet visits about once a week frown

I agree Posh, I think she is going to be silver too!

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