Staffy Puppy all teeth but no malice

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Barked: Wed Oct 19, '11 3:45am PST 
Hi there im hoping that you guys can provide me with a little moral and infomartional support,

we have recently aquired a new staffy puppy and have had him at home with us for the last 3 weeks since he left the litter at 9 weeks.

The issue i have is that is continually mouthing and bitting everyone he meets; humans & dogs. to the point of he had his 1st puppy class last night and bit the trianers thumb till it bled,,,,

He is not too bad with me at home as i have developed the knack of keeping my hands out of the way when playing althjough he still tries to go for the fingers and when he is chilling with me on the sofa i give him his kong teething stick to chew and have got him used to having my hands near his face and even stroking his lips when there, but as soon as he goes to my wife.
Whom i should mention i bought the puppy for on request he starts again what is the best approach he has:

Rope toys
Hard plastic bone type toys
Kong teething stick
and so on

am i just worrying and he will grow out of it or should i be concerned.

I also have 2 daughters who only stay on a weekend with me aged 8 & 10 and the last thing i want is them to be bitten
Help and Advice all appreciated