Rogue started herding!!!

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'Barcoola'- Rogue

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Barked: Sun Apr 21, '13 8:59pm PST 
So I finally found a herding club to join up to and the best part is, it's only 15mins from home xD

I had my first club training day on Sunday and oh my god, I wish it was every week and not every 2 weeks lol Rogue has never been around sheep before, yet his first time in with them he was nice and calm, kept them together, bought the strays back to the main flock and the best part was he works off them like kelpies do - so unlike the border collies who dash straight through the flock and scatter them in all directions, Rogue kept to the outside and kept them moving towards me whenever I walked the other way.

The obedience training has really paid off as well - he holds his stay even if I walk off 30m, he comes when he's called and he's picking up the Stop command pretty quickly. The instructor seemed pretty impressed with him and said for his age he's excellent. I didn't know what to say whenever he said I had a great dog lol

Hopefully in 6 months or so he'll have passed the first 3 tests and be ready to start trials -cross fingers-

On another note, he now knows how to weave through my legs when I walk, weave in a figure 8, and is absolutely fascinated with jumping on agility see-saws the wrong end so he can make them go bang -.-

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Barked: Mon Apr 22, '13 8:51am PST 
Congratulations to your dog! I'm glad to hear that your dog's training has paid off quite impressively. Keep it up and hopefully, you and your dog will be passing the 3 tests you want to take down. Good job! big grinway to go