Best sports for small dogs?

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I am Fearless
Barked: Sun Apr 21, '13 3:01pm PST 
Wondering the best dog sports for smaller dogs? Mozart weighs 10 lbs and I am interested in maybe trying a dog sport I would like to do agility classes with him. I found a great training place that does a bunch of different dog sports. Mozart is extremely intelligent and knows 30 different tricks he is driven by food and two of his favorite toys Frisbee and his bird ball it whistles. He does have a decent amount of energy and besides teaching him news tricks he gets bored. The only problem I have is basic obedience he knows basic commands and I am always Practicing them in different and more distracting environments, just not sure how he would be in a class with other dogs he has never been to a training class. Maybe I should consider private classes or try an obedience class with other dogs first? Any suggestions? I just would love to do a sport with him and harness some of that energy.
Czarka, CGC- UJJ

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Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 11:02am PST 
I have met dogs who do not enjoy agility... but few. And there is a certain physical wear and tear to the sport. I've got more agility buddies than I care to count who are on first name basis with their orthopod laugh out loud

On the other hand, agility is an amazing team sport. You and pup will learn each other in almost unimaginable ways. Try it! You will strongly benefit from a basic obedience... but you will also be learning focus and control within your agility training. Agility helps our obedience and vice versa.
Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 1:19pm PST 
If you've never had Mozart work around other dogs I would do a basic OB class first even if he knows all the stuff just to get him used to working around the other dogs. An agility class with require the dogs to be off-leash at times and you'll want him to be able to be off-leash and still focused on you not running around sniffing/peeing/trying to play.

I would have Mozart checked physically before doing agility, I wanted to do agility with Jewel but then a dog chiropractor told me that the way her shoulders are shaped means that when she comes down a dog walk/A frame/teeter it will put stress on her shoulder joints and could lead to issues. We still play around with weaves/jumps/tunnels but she'll never compete.

One that I think is good for small dogs and that I want to get into myself is Rally-O.

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Barked: Thu Apr 25, '13 5:02pm PST 
Some dogs like agility and some dogs hate it. Like my two: Zoe hated it and Kashmir liked it. laugh out loud It all depends on the dog. There are plenty of sports you can do like obedience, agility, rally, flyball etc. Not sure how old you are, but you could also join a local 4h club that has a dog project. Thats what i did from 12-19 and had a blast. way to go

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 5:46pm PST 
Agility is great if you can keep up! laugh out loud I found it really exhausted Missy, both mentally and physically. We only ever did it for fun and got no where near competition level of training, but we had fun and that's all that matters way to go

Ty didn't enjoy it and we never got past the first couple of lessons. The trainers were extremely pushy and were trying to force Ty into doing obstacles he wasn't comfortable with frown Finding the right club with trainers you're 100% comfortable with is crucial if you want it to be an enjoyable experience for both you & Mozart.

I do agree that joining a basic OB class first will be of benefit to you and help you determine what commands need brushing up on etc.

I am Fearless
Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 12:33pm PST 
Thanks everyone one for responding! I forgot to put that I don't want to him to be in a sport were he competes just something like classes for fun. He does like agility we have equipment and we do it in our fenced in yard. But also think rally would be good and maybe some type of scent tracking? He loves to chase the squirrels and chipmunks in the yard. He has almost caught a chipmunk in the yard multiple times. Just the other day he was chasing one and was on top of it almost got it but it ran up a tree, now every time we go out there he stalks that area waiting for it and will not even go to the bathroom. So I think he has some prey drive, any good sports for dogs that love to chase prey?

Lenny -The- Wrecking Ball
Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 12:43pm PST 
You could look into Nosework. It's a lot of fun and dogs of all ages and sizes can take part. Lenny loves it.